Learn with Us & Savor Your Time

Learn with Us & Savor Your TimeLearn with Us & Savor Your TimeLearn with Us & Savor Your Time

As the largest educator in the luxury tobacco industry, we provide comprehensive education for consumers and professionals.

About Us

CIGARS 101: A Fundamental Education

Our CIGARS 101 course is probably a misnomer because it provides fundamental knowledge for beginners to expert level cigar lovers.  With over 2 hours of guided video curriculum and another two hours of educational videos, lesson exams and a completion certificate, this course is indubitably the world's finest fundamental education for premium cigars.  Click below to preview and learn more...

Aficionado + Connoisseur

Somewhere between liking a thing and being an expert lies the Aficiosseur.  Cigar Aficiosseurs are passionate and knowledgeable consumers, schooled beyond the basics on the path to expert level status.  

Cigar Aficiosseur Curriculum

Our Cigar Aficiosseur curriculum will take you beyond aficionado and put you on the path to being an expert.  Our online learning resources are the best and biggest in the world.  Stay tuned for our new and exciting Cigar Aficiosseur Degree... Coming Soon...

Our Mission

We exist to create educated consumers with strong fundamental knowledge based on facts and substance, not myths, opinions and marketing lies.  In the process we will enhance your appreciation and quality of life... helping you savor your time.